A Pyromaniac’s Guide To Creativity

By Nathan Phillips, Co-Founder, Technology, Humans and Taste [THAT]

I like to imagine the first moment fire happened on purpose. I picture a genius cave dweller, crouched over some sticks and rocks, under walls covered in sketches scratched out with a rock. Surrounded by failed…

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“The flourishing of information technology gives amateurs and home recording artists powerful tools to build and share interesting, transformative, and socially valuable art drawn from pieces of popular cultures. There’s no place to plug such an important cultural sea change into the current legal regime.” …

You’ve seen garbage island.

Plastic beach. The great Pacific trash vortex.

So embarrassing for us humans.

All that waste says “the people on this planet did not think this through.” …

Written by Nathan Phillips x Julia Gorbach

At THAT we have lots of ideas. Sometimes people buy them and sometimes they don’t. That’s why we started THAT Originals. …

“Nobody enjoys sitting on a stoop or looking out a window at an empty street. Almost nobody does such a thing.”

- Jane Jacobs

All the quarantiners tweeting that “experience is dead” are wrong. I know because I had one.

It was exactly the type of experience the experts expect to be dead. An experiential event. For a product. I was invited over email by people…

Illustrations by Kendall Konenkamp

“One of the problems with science fiction, is the fact that everything is used up. Every type of spacesuit, every type of spacecraft is vaguely familiar. The corridors are similar, the planets are similar.”

— Ridley Scott

Science fiction is like practice for the future. It’s a way to make…

Because colors added to the size of the download, we’d even strip out colors.

-Jonathan Nelson, (now CEO of Omnicom Digital) -from Digiday

October 27, 1994 is when it all went wrong.

The folks at Hotwired.com (which later became Wired) had recently realized that just like the print industry, online…

Choice-driven narratives are the future

Illustration of a woman standing in front of moving arched doors with a colorized microchip background.
Illustrations by Kendall Konenkamp

In brand marketing, the buzz for new technologies and mediums sends curiosity and excitement up from the R&D department to the CEO, causing a rush to be among the first to shine with the latest and best tech applications.

For the first time ever we don’t have to explain why…

Where do knowledge and creativity really meet?

Illustration of child floating in water with arm floaties
Illustrations by Kendall Konenkamp

My daughter Louisiana is a beautiful genius when it comes to talking and using the monkey bars. But a while back, we had to admit that she was really bad at swimming. There was flailing, a couple of jumps into the shallow end, but ultimately we had wasted eight bucks…

Nathan Phillips

Co-Founder of Technology, Humans And Taste & The Oratory Laboratory and best-selling author of The Unorthodox Haggadah

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